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Hitch Hiker Linux

Source and build tree


This is the source and build tree for the Hitch Hiker Linux base system. It is organized thus:

├── build        The output directory
├── distfiles    Downloaded source tarballs
├── include      Included Makefiles and headers
├── scripts      Support scripts
├── toolchain    Build tree for the toolchain and Glibc
└── world        Build tree for the base system

The subdirectories toolchain and world are further subdivided by individual program and source package. Many of the subdirectories just wrap the HitchHiker build system around that of third party sources. However, the special subdirectories bin, sbin, usr.bin, usr.sbin, and lib contain sources that are imported directly into HitchHiker, or written specifically for it, and build directly using Make.

For overall instructions for building the sources, see