Hitchhiker Linux source tree
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# Hitch Hiker Linux
## Source and build tree
### #!/don't/panic
This is the source and build tree for the Hitch Hiker Linux base system. It is
organized thus:
├── build The output directory
├── distfiles Downloaded source tarballs
├── include Included Makefiles and headers
├── scripts Support scripts
├── toolchain Build tree for the toolchain and Glibc
└── world Build tree for the base system
The subdirectories ```toolchain``` and ```world``` are further subdivided by
individual program and source package. Many of the subdirectories just wrap the
HitchHiker build system around that of third party sources. However, the special
subdirectories ```bin```, ```sbin```, ```usr.bin```, ```usr.sbin```, and ```lib```
contain sources that are imported directly into HitchHiker, or written specifically
for it, and build directly using Make.
For overall instructions for building the sources, see INSTALL.md