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Copyright 2020 Nathan Fisher <>
The build tree for HitchHiker Linux is released to the public under the
terms of the standard BEERWARE license (see LICENSE.BEERWARE). Portions
of the source code are imported from external sources and retain their
original license as shown in each relevant subdirectory.
The build tree fetches and installs a large amount of software released
under the terms of the GPL and LGPL licenses (see LICENSE.GPL3 and
LICENSE.LGPL3 respectively). Such source code is not imported directly
into the build tree and retains the terms of it's original license.
It is believed by the project (HitchHiker Linux) that all of the above
referenced licenses came to being in order to grant the end user greater
freedom of choice in what software runs on their computing devices. It
can be easily demonstrated that at times licensing issues have kept BSD
and GPL licensed code seperate and in so doing have not served the needs
of the users.
The moment a free software license becomes an impediment to using the
code in the way in which the user wants to, the license is in effect
subverting itself and it's intended purpose.
What this means is that the project (HitchHiker Linux), while intending
to comply so far as possible with licensing terms, will use all freely
available code irrespective of free software license variety. It also
means that so far as the code developed by the project itself, please
just do what you want with it, so long as credit is given.