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# Target architecture, IE the machine that the newly built system will run on.
# Supported targets are:
# i486
# i586
# i686
# x86_64 (most modern Intel and AMD based systems)
# armv7l (earlier Arm SBC's such as RPI and RPI2)
# aarch64 (later Arm SBC's such as RPI3 and RPI4)
# riscv64 (SiFive Unmatched, BeagleV)
arch = x86_64
# If building for rpi3/4 we can automatically configure and build u-boot
# by setting rpi to 1
# rpi = 1
# Maximum make threads to run concurrently. For some packages on some
# architectures this will be automatically overridden.
makeflags = -j8
# Optional bootstrap packages. HitchHiker ships with BSD paxtar, and it's syntax
# is used rather than GNU tar in certain places. To bootstrap on systems other
# than HitchHiker it is a good idea to set build_pax to 1.
build_pax = 1
# Similarly, GNU awk (gawk) is a build time dependency of Glibc, but HitchHiker
# ships with The One True Awk. By setting build_gawk to 1, we build a temporary
# gawk which will only exist in /toolchain
build_gawk = 1
# If building on HitchHiker, Perl will need to be built as it is used repeatedly
# during the build of other packages. If perl is installed via pkgsrc this can
# be skipped.
build_perl = 1
# If building on HitchHiker, intltool is not part of the base system as it
# depends on the XML::Parser perl module.
build_intltool = 1
# Again, if building on HitchHiker, Python must be built either here or via
# pkgsrc.
build_python = 1
# Gperf